The Mystical Monuments is a mysterious place which can be found by exploring uncharted areas on the map in the survival mode or as part of the story in the story mode.

Offering food or other precious items bestow knowledge on the player for crafting tools, clothing and upgrades.

Offering Story ModeEdit

Mystical Monuments Story

In this game mode, there will be four knowledge altars. This place cannot be forgotten. The four altars aren't available right away, just the first one. As the player progresses throughout the game, the rest of the altars will unlock, in order of 1, 4, 2, 3 (when numbering from the left). The last altar to unlock, the right middle altar, must first be repaired using three altar pieces, before it can be used.

The altar to the left bestows mostly low-level tools and upgrades. The one to the right, mostly medium-level, with the two in the center giving the most valuable and late-game ones. As the game progresses, the player needs to offer more valuable items than berries to get knowledge.

Knowledge is gained randomly. The below table does not show the order that items are bestowed in.

Knowledge bestowed by the four altars.
Left Altar Left Middle Altar Right Middle Altar RIght Altar
Feathery Net Javelin Coconut Lantern Spine Fisher
Blue Stone Axe Deer Poncho Goat Blanky Rabbit Snare
Blue Stone Spade Fishing Rod Salt Box Rabbit Attire
Blue Stone Hammer Mulchery Bin Dynite Axe Rabbit Boots
Fluffy Torch Palm Sack Griddle
Growy Patch Fluffy Patch Frog Flask
Storage Box Fluffy Top Brim Hat
Scroll Rack
Sheet of paper

(This is a complete list for the sedate version of the game, there are other items missing from the table when playing normal mode)

Offering Survival ModeEdit


In this game mode, there will be four knowledge altars. Each of the four altars offer the knowledge about a designated tool. After an altar bestowed it knowledge it will be void. After all four altars are used up there will be no new knowledge to learn.

The only way to receive new knowledge is to forget and re-explore this place. Which each cycle of exploring-bestowing-forgetting the likelihood of bestowing knowledge after offering food is reduced. In the first cycle, after the first exploration, the likelihood seems to be 100%. Offering items with a higher value e.g. gold nugget increases the likelihood.

Knowledge bestowed by the four altars during one cycle
First altar Second altar Third altar Fourth altar
Set 1 Frog Flask Fluffy Torch Sheet of Paper Storage Box
Set 2 Feathery Net Blue Stone Hammer Blue Stone Axe Blue Stone Spade
Set 3 Brim Hat Scroll Rack Spine Fisher Griddle
Set 4 Leafy Hood Rabbit Boots Rabbit Snare Rabbit Attire
Set 5 Fluffy Top Fluffy Patch Fluffy Bedding Coconut Lantern
Set 6 Javelin Deer Poncho Goat Blanky Palm Sack
Set 7 Brown Stone Hammer Brown Stone Axe Brown Stone Spade Fishing Rod
Set 8 Dynite Axe Amulet of the Altar Seeker Astral Sanctum Salt Box

Time UsedEdit

Visiting the Mystical Monuments takes a quarter of a day.

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